Jim Edmonds Marries Kortnie O'Connor, His Alleged 3-Way Partner With Ex-Wife Meghan King

Jim Edmonds is officially a married man, again, and this time the slugger was sliding a ring onto the finger of his alleged three-way partner.

The former MLB superstar outfielder who spent 17 seasons roaming outfields married girlfriend Kortnie O'Connor this week in Italy at a lovely wedding, but this one doesn't come without some salacious controversy.

Jim's ex-wife Meghan King alleged in 2020 that Kortnie, whom she called a friend, was brought into the couple's bed to serve as a three-way partner.

One thing led to another and Meghan was out of the Edmonds' mansion that was being built in suburban St. Louis and Kortnie moved in.

Meghan said in 2020 that she went along with the threesome with Kortnie "because I thought that’s what wanted.”

It turns out Meghan's (alleged) hunch was right.

“I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible. We only had one threesome and only once during our marriage and that was with his current girlfriend,” King added.

Jim, 52, filed for divorce the day after the couple's fifth wedding anniversary.

The (alleged) three-way with Kortnie must've been insane because there was Jim and Kort in Lake Como over the weekend telling each other how much they love one another. It was Jim's fourth time down the aisle.

"Most beautiful bride ever. Thank you for for being my rock. I love you!!!!" Jim wrote on Instagram Monday.

Jim Edmonds / Instagram Story

Jim Edmonds / Instagram Story

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