Jess Pegula Drinks Beer At Presser After US Open Loss

Tennis player Jess Pegula showed up to her post-match press conference following a loss at the US Open the way so many of us would after a rough day at the office: with a beer in hand.

Pegula didn't just have some suds on a hand to drown her sorrows, she's very practical about it, that Jess Pegula.

"I like the Heineken," ESPN's D'Arcy Maine said, drawing attention to Pegula's post-match beverage of choice.

"Thanks," Pegula said. "I'm trying to pee for doping, so… Although it does help ease the loss."

I always felt like beer's only weakness was its diuretic tendency, forcing you to plan your consumption in social situations accordingly. Maybe don't drink that extra pre-flight Bud Light if you know you're going to have a window seat.

But here's Jess Pegula using beer as a tool so she can satisfy the doping czar and go home. Impressive stuff.

Pegula has been ranked in the top 10 recently, reaching as high as No. 7. She is also from a pretty notable family. Her parents are Terry and Kim Pegula, who own the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres.

Makes sense. This is a very Bills Mafia-approved move. If only she would have jumped through the table after.

I think that would probably be enough for her to launch a successful bid for the Buffalo mayoral office. At the very least, that would be Key to the City worthy,

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