Bills Mafia Has Beer Delivered To LA Ahead Of Rams Game

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The Buffalo Bills are opening their season on the road against the Los Angeles Rams next week, which means that Bills Mafia will be migrating west. Now, so is their beer.

It’s been proven that the tailgate infrastructures of most United States cities are not equipped to handle the needs of Bills Mafia. As such, Labatt decided to send in reinforcements a little early.

Several palettes stacked with beer have already arrived in southern California, ready to be downed by legions of thirsty Bills fans.

The staging process for a Bills tailgate is on par with a decent-sized military operation.

Few fanbases travel like Bills Mafia. They’re hard to miss with their red, white, and blue Zubaz pants soaring through the air as they swan dive onto folding tables.

Speaking of folding tables, if you live in the greater Los Angles area and are in need of one, drop what you’re doing and go buy yours now. Seriously. The Bills faithful can pick over an entire city’s worth of tables. Just ask Houston.

The city went folding table-less before a playoff game back in 2020.

The Bills face a tough start to the season, taking on the reigning Super Bowl champions in Week 1.

At least Bills Mafia will have all the tools they need for their pre-game rituals.

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