Jeremy Renner Shares Positive Update From The ICU

Jeremy Renner is slowly improving after suffering a horrific snow plowing accident.

The "Wind River" actor has been hospitalized since Sunday after suffering serious injuries to his chest, leg and face after his plow rolled up on him over the weekend.

The Hollywood star was injured while clearing snow following a massive storm. Renner recently shared a photo of himself in the hospital, and now, he's provided another positive update.

The man famous for playing Hawkeye shared a short video of himself Thursday morning getting a "spa day" in the hospital with his mom and sister.

While he definitely didn't appear to be in good shape, he did appear to enjoy his mom massaging his head.

Jeremy Renner continues to heal up after his tragic accident.

It seems like Renner is slowly stacking good days on top of each other. Sunday, he was in critical condition after his injuries and had to be airlifted to a hospital.

His neighbor likely stopped the damage from being much worse when he applied a tourniquet to stop the blood loss.

Now, Renner is on his fifth day in the hospital, but as of Thursday morning, he definitely seems to be trending up. There's no doubt a spa day is the most positive update fans have had so far.

Hopefully, Renner continues to move in the right direction and get out of the hospital ASAP. There's no doubt millions of fans around the globe are pulling for him.

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