Jake Paul Accuses NFL Player Of Sliding Into His Girlfriend Julia Rose's DMs & Fans Have Zeroed In On A Suspect

Jake Paul, who knows how to create content that will then go viral and possibly turn into a boxing match, is out this week with his latest drama and it surrounds and NFL player sliding into the DMs of his girlfriend, Julia Rose.

In a video from Betr, Paul's sports-betting startup he's been pimping this week, the King of Drama says the name of an NFL player who was (allegedly) sending messages, but the name is bleeped for strategic reasons, of course.

That sent fans into lip-reading mode as they quickly concluded there was one suspect who should be investigated for such a crime against humanity: Deebo Samuel.

"He just sent you ?" Instagram legend Rose says while her high IQ boyfriend Paul fails to explain.

Look, this is a clear fishing expedition by the NFL player. It doesn't matter if it's Deebo or the Saints third-string long snapper.

Even Paul's big brain knows what's going on here. The NFL player throws out 50 fishing lines and he reels in a few while others swim off to their boyfriends to say a blue checkmark was sniffing around the DMs.


The great news is that dum dum Paul and Julia are all about content and so is OutKick. It's a marriage made in heaven. And it's football season. This is butter on bread Internet 101 stuff.

Paul might be a moron, but he's the type of moron who knows how to Internet.

Thank you to all involved we now have some Jake Paul-Deebo-Samuel-Julia Rose drama and it's going to drive the Internet for the rest of the week.


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