Ivana Knoll Was FIRED UP For The Croatia/Wales Game

Ivana Knoll was pumped up to watch Croatia get to work against Wales in the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying tournament.

Knoll gained serious notoriety for her support for Croatia during the World Cup, and the former Miss Croatia's support hasn't stopped since the tournament in Qatar ended.

Ahead of the team's 1-1 draw against Wales, she wished them luck with a viral Instagram post.

Ivana Knoll is making Croatian soccer famous.

Admittedly, Croatian soccer isn't a huge priority for American sports fans. In fact, there's a serious argument to be made that people don't care at all about Croatia's soccer team.

Most Americans only really care about soccer when the World Cup rolls around. The attitude is definitely slowly changing, but for the most part, the World Cup is when people start following.

If they barely care about Team USA, you know they definitely don't care about foreign teams. Well, Ivana Knoll has done more than enough to generate a ton of attention for Croatia.

It also seems to be working a bit because Croatia finished third at the World Cup in 2022. That's the best finish since 1998. How much credit does Knoll deserve for Croatia's recent incredible run?

That's something the internet can debate, but there's no question she's boosting the team's profile. That's what happens when your most famous fan goes viral on a semi-regular basis.

Will Knoll be able to help propel Croatia to success in the European qualifiers? One game in and Croatia has a draw on the books. Not terrible. Not great. Next up is Turkey. It should be interesting to see how she hypes up the fans for that one!

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