Is This The Worst Beer Chug Of All Time?

In a video that will make you go "Oh no," a New York Rangers fan tried to chug a beer in front of Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena crowd on Thursday night, and it didn't go so well.

The over-enthusiastic Rangers fan hyping himself up before partaking in the nerve-racking challenge of downing a beer on the hockey arena's Jumbotron. All eyes were on him for his moment to be THE guy. Instead, he walked away like a soaked poodle.

It went so pathetic that TNT replayed it during their NHL broadcast last night:


The unknown Rangers fan had quite the letdown for his shining moment.

First off, if you're going to start jumping up and down and high-fiving random people, you need to deliver. I understand this isn't one of those, "act like you've been here before" moments because how often does one really get on the jumbotron during a professional sporting event? But at least TRY to bring it.

Second, what in the world was that chugging style?

The dude looked like one of those people at the circus that swallows flaming swords. He straight up "Washington Monumented" that beer at a 180 degree angle.

Also, dousing the remaining beer over one's head is quite the move. Nothing like sitting in a cold ice hockey arena with your hair soaked from a stale Michelob Ultra tall boy. Then again the game was in Vegas so something tells me he wasn't clearly thinking.

And finally, who is that guy jumping up and down like a maniac in the background at the end?

If Stone Cold Steve Austin - historically known for absolutely destroying beers in the wrestling ring ran into this Rangers fan, he would stun his ass on the spot. Instead of saying "Gimme a Hell Yeah," Austin would say "Oh, Hell No."


Despite his poor beer pounding skills, the Rangers fan had plenty to celebrate as the Rangers crushed the Vegas Golden Knights 5-1.

For anybody going to a future sporting event, you might want to take some advice from Megan Lucky. That's how you get it done:

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