Is 'Echo 3' The Next Great Action-Thriller? Signs Point To Yes

"Echo 3" looks like the perfect series for people who love action-thrillers.

Apple describes its upcoming show as, "Echo 3 is an action-packed thriller set in South America that follows Amber Chesborough (Jessica Ann Collins), a brilliant young scientist who is the emotional heart of a small American family. When Amber goes missing along the Colombia-Venezuela border, her brother, Bambi (Evans), and her husband, Prince (Huisman) – two men with deep military experience and complicated pasts – struggle to find her in a layered personal drama, set against the explosive backdrop of a secret war."

Does that sound interesting? Well, just wait until you see the trailer Apple dropped. It seems like bodies are going to get stacked.

As American Joyride viewers know, I'm obsessed with black operations, special operations, special forces and dudes are just badass.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a great war story. That's just a fact.

Now, Apple is bringing viewers a show about two men on the hunt in South America for a kidnapped scientist.

Yeah, I think it's safe to say it's going to be lit as the kids like to say. Literally in the trailer, we have dudes in snow suits just getting after it like it's the peak of the GWOT.

There's no doubt "Echo 3" has tons of potential.

"Echo 3" is also being brought to fans by Mark Boal, who famously wrote "Zero Dark Thirty." The trailer even has a lot of similar stylistic choices.

That's one of the best thriller movies ever made, and we're now getting the same energy with this Apple TV+ series.

I've said it a million times before and I'll say it again. We have some insane entertainment options coming out in the near future.

"Yellowstone," "Tusla King," "1923" and "Jack Ryan" all come out over the next couple months. Now, "Echo 3" joins the list with a November 23 premiere.

Let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments. As a TV and entertainment fan, I'm 100% all in.

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