Is Ben Affleck Filming a Dunkin' Donuts Super Bowl Ad? Sure Looks That Way... Unless Times Have Gotten Tough

Ben Affleck was spotted working the window at a Boston area Dunkin' Donuts. It's either part of what could be a very Boston-heavy ad for the coffee giant, or Affleck has fallen on hard times since losing the Batman gig.

Probably the first one.

Affleck was spotted working the drive-thru window at a Dunkin' location in — where else? — Boston, Massachusetts (we get it guy; you're from Boston).

Affleck was dressed in full Dunkin' employee garb and dished out some coffee for customers.

Even his better half, Jennifer Lopez, got in on it. She was seen pulling up to the drive-thru while Boston's finest stood guard.

The two were also seen inside the restaurant thanking the real Dunkin' employees for letting them shoot the spot.

Is Dunkin' Calling In The A-Listers?

It wouldn't be surprising to see Dunkin' Donuts trot out some A-list firepower for their Super Bowl ad this year. Everyone does that. Even embattled crypto exchange FTX did it last year with an ad featuring Larry David that eerily foreshadowed the company's demise.

I don't think anything like that will happen with the Dunkin' Donuts/Ben Affleck/J-Lo spot. It just looked to me like a couple of Giglu co-starts having fun serving up some cups of joe.

This wouldn't be Dunkin's first foray into bringing some serious Hollywood heat to their Super Bowl ads.

They once unveiled this monstrosity featuring Al Pacino.

Yes. That is one of the greatest actors in cinema history... rapping about Dunkaccinos.

There's almost no conceivable way that Affleck's Dunkin' spot can rate as high on the cringe-o-meter as the Al Pacino one.

We'll have to wait and see if Affleck shows up during the Super Bowl. It shouldn't be hard, seeing as everyone knows people at Super Bowl parties always talk through the game but become church mice when ads like this come on.

Wouldn't want to miss any of those gems.

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