Instagram's Rosie Moore, The Jacque Cousteau of Millenials, Risks Her Life Via Crazy Freedive

I'll go ahead and say it yet again -- geoscientist Rosie Moore is going to be a huge content star.

I've been saying it for the last month and now she's a rising star guest on Fox News to tell Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters. The evolution of Rosie Moore is here and it took a massive step forward Wednesday when the world's No. 1 ranked Instagram geoscientist posted a freediving video that has her followers gasping for air.

There have been other freedivers on the Internet, but there's never been a freediver geoscientist who also dabbles in Instagram modeling. The Florida Atlantic University-trained Moore is literally the science world's version of a five-star college quarterback.

"Cave diving on one breath- explained," Moore told her Instagram followers. "This dive is on a breath hold, with no oxygen or pony bottle, just a light in my hand. The entry is roughly 15 feet deep, and these are two separate swim-throughs I connected."

*Don't watch this video if you suffer from claustrophobia because you'll be fully triggered.

"On this dive, my buddy follows me through with a GoPro; the tight squeeze doesn’t allow for a professional camera. The total dive time was around 2 minutes; this video is clipped and sped up," Moore continued.

"Freediving is considered an extreme sport and is only safe when practiced correctly. Freediving in caves introduces many potentially deadly risk factors, and every diver needs to be informed of these risks should they choose to dive."

Moore, who's currently sitting around 69k Instagram followers, just might cross the 100k mark thanks to this video. It's going to end up in the Instagram Discover algorithm. Fox News is going to have Moore on to talk about it. The Daily Mail will run some massive headline like "Instagram model attempts death-defying dive" and it'll turn into mayhem for one of the biggest rising stars in the content industry.

It doesn't take a genius to see Moore creating content angles that will eventually serve as the content for a digital series. Will Fox Nation sign Moore? Will the Discovery Channel turn her into a star?

Today's freedive video proves exactly why Rosie's on a collision course with digital content fame.

Ginger Zee is old news and never went freediving. Bear Grylls had his time and served the content world just fine during the height of his fame. Joe Exotic is in prison. Bindi Irwin isn't holding her breath for two minutes.

I'm completely comfortable right now declaring Rosie Moore is the Jacque Cousteau of Millenials.

There will be educational books. Rosie will have her own toy collection. Little girls will have Rosie Moore coloring books where Rosie will be diving in beautiful ocean waters.

We're on the cusp, folks.

2023 is the year of Rosie Moore. Just watch.

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