Instagram Star Emily Elizabeth Invades Iceland, Broncos Fans Are Turning On Russ & Buy Neyland Stadium Turf on eBay

Hey Millenials, here's your big chance to show the Baby Boomers what you've been up to

I believe it was Millenial Griff who suggested a Millenial Week where Screencaps Millenials stand up to the Baby Boomer powers around here who think you're completely lazy moochers who refuse to grow up.

Screencaps Millenial Week (Nov. 7-11) will be your chance to shine. Maybe you've restored a car. Maybe you taught yourself woodworking by watching YouTube videos. Perhaps you built a company from the ground up while Baby Boomers were off eating grouper sandwiches & drinking happy-hour beers at their Florida retirement restaurants.

The Baby Boomers firmly believe the country will implode once Millenials get their hands on the controls. Prove them wrong. Brag on yourselves for a minute.

Us Gen Xers will just be sitting here enjoying the battle between the two groups. Let's see how this plays out.


I'm now on the hunt for the craziest Halloween decorations America has to offer

Last night, the family, and the dog piled into the grocery-getter to go see a Halloween display I'd seen on Facebook. I needed to see it with my own two eyes and it didn't disappoint. My wife was left in disbelief over the size of the yard (small) vs. how many skeletons and skulls the owner was able to stuff onto that tiny property. She was stumbling over her words trying to figure out how he/she must work from the inside of the yard out because it's impossible to walk around all the skeletons.

My big question: Where does he/she store this stuff during the offseason? There's no way all of this goes into their house. The photo you're seeing doesn't include the 500 or more objects to the left side of the house. There has to be a storage unit for all of this.

And I'm told those massive skeletons aren't cheap. The owner must've had 10 of those giants.

Here's what I wasn't expecting after posting the photo on social media: You guys perked up in a big way.

"Absolutely love this energy," OutKick producer Hayley Caronia told me via Instagram.

I had an old friend pointing out other displays I need to check out. I had people in Florida (of course!) who said there are Halloween displays I need to see down there.

I'm all for it. If you guys have a Halloween display that needs to be recognized for its greatness, take a photo and send it in. Show off what's going on in your community. Share what you're seeing. Help others find these places.


Or send pics and tips on social media.

• Warren M. in Florida writes:

Thank you for all that you do for Screencaps! I’ve been reading since close to day 1 in 2020.

I have lived in Florida forever, and if I’ve learned anything, we go crazy with Holiday decorations because we have no seasons.

This house is in Wellington, FL, and is my mom’s old co-worker’s place. He goes crazy at Christmas, too.

I still need to send a bigger email.

Again thanks for giving Real America a voice.

• Dana B. in Indiana writes:

What does $400 buy in Halloween decorations? Local family shows us.

Yes, the giant, 12-foot skeleton was 400 smackers! It was worth it to them. They spent over $1000 on fireworks for 4th of July shindig.

Paigeviews hate is out of control

In my Monday report on Paige Spiranac, I reported on how she's signaling the trolls and body shamers have taken their toll to the point where she's changing up her content and it sounds like she's going to expand out of the golf-influencing world.

• Jon C. writes:

Checking in again from the capital of woke. I was just checking outkick while watching russel Wilson throw turds all over the field. What happened to this guy? I guess when you don’t give your teammates your phone number you’ve changed.

I saw the hate Paige was getting and that why I had to send this. Paige is an absolute smoke show. If you’re hating on her you might not like women. Unlike hildee she doesn’t look like a cartoon and I’m positive she’s not a midget. Hildee? Hard to say but I’m leaning towards midget. Anyway love Paige keep that smoke show front and center.

Random laughing, tats and Bama-Tennessee

• Indy Daryl is back after his adventure into Wisconsin:

Happy Monday! Some random thoughts:

Hope everyone had a great day back!

The Vols helmet in Arizona

• Keith W. writes:

What an incredible weekend of college football obviously highlighted by the Tennessee/Alabama game - great content on the game and aftermath on Screencaps today!  

A couple of years ago I picked up this sweet vintage Vols mini helmet at a local yard sale (Phoenix, AZ area).  From what I can tell it's from the mid to late 90s - right in the Tee Martin and Peyton Manning era.  I figure now more than ever it would be a highly sought after item by any Vols fan.  I would like to give it to Clay as an appreciation for his hard work and efforts in bringing a level head, logic, and critical opposing view during Covid.  His steadfastness (as well as many others) really helped provide the antidote to the real virus (the insanity that overcame society).  I've tried contacting him via twitter to see if he's interested or has a p.o. box that I could mail it to, but that's obviously a long shot in getting a response, if he even cares or would even want it for his desk.  Plus I'm sure he just doesn't give out an address to any old random person.  

If not Clay, maybe another screencaps reader that is a huge vols fan would be interested in it?  I think it is awesome except I'm not a Vol, I'm sure someone would want it these days.

Keith, I don't have Clay's address. Perhaps there's a Vols parent out there who has a deserving Vols kid.

2023 will be difficult

• Resident financial analyst Mark W., who has been warning us of the food price crisis that's coming, writes:

Interesting article, and I think it points out that 2023 will be difficult for all of us. Michael Snyder wrote the article.


• Mike B. in Wisconsin, who says he's not a VP of Sales, writes:

Rob N. from Panama City is my new hero.  Getting suspended from Nextdoor for "hooker in a rolled up carpet"....legendary!  That is all.  keep up the good work.  

PS. Watching my Browns find new ways to lose is getting painful.  

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