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Millennial JT vs. Boomer Dana

In case you missed Friday Screencaps, TNML bus driver Dana fired back at Millennial JT over some comments directed at the Baby Boomers and it was a massive Screencaps fireball exploding as Dana really let this Millennial have it.

Now the readers are chiming in on this developing feud that has the chance to be a Hogan vs. Savage showdown like Gen Xers grew up with.

But you're out of luck. JT emailed Friday afternoon with an apology to Dana B. and her fellow Boomers who keep busting their asses for this country. Don't forget, Millennials, it's Boomers like Dana B. who are driving your kids to school.

• JT writes:

Wow I love Dana B! That's the good spunk I see in the Boomers who didn't turn into yuppies but instead carried on the tradition of busting ass handed down from their parents (my grandparents). I even apologize for offending her(because good manners are the cornerstone of a civilized society) and I don't think I could receive a better compliment than being compared to her dad! 

Now, I do want to clarify and stand behind what I said. Not to play semantics, but there's a difference between naivety and not knowing how. I think their generation took the world at face value and is still altogether too trusting of authority figures. Some of the stuff that I still hear come out of their mouths makes me shake my head.

Then I remember the world they grew up in was wildly different than mine. I've even made a little cultural study of classic radio programs from the 40's and 50's and I love that old stuff. I love old black and white film too. What's amazing though are the advertisements! The wide eyed propaganda to trust public institutions is a continuous source of wonder. Of course, today's propaganda is just more scientific and always targets our primitive mind with either fear, sex, or greed connecting to whatever the intended programming is.

Maybe I'm just a little jealous of the world they had and maybe I'm just tired of hearing that my generation is wimpy and soft. I know a lot of Millennials like me who skipped college or just took two years and are now store owners, farmers, carpenters, you name it. I even have some really good Gen Z kids working for me. I totally don't understand them but in a lot of ways they are shockingly awake. I just get tired of making them go wash their hands after catching them on their phones, it's food service fer crying out loud!

Cheers and much love to Screencaps Nation

Let's see how this apology goes over with Dana B. I know she's reading every word and will have a well-reasoned response for JT.

• Millennial Jeremy R. writes:

I'll start with the obligatory long-time reader, first time emailer.  Love the community you're building and the incorporation of communication within the community that allows for thoughtful discussion. 

Each generation is shaped by the generations before, both through their direct and indirect actions.  It seems to me it begins with every parent wants to make life better for their children.  Unfortunately, many mistake easier for better.  Instead of enriching the lives of their children with amazing opportunities to do something hard and teach/learn, they remove every obstacle leaving their children without the tools to build a fulfilling life.  I'd wager there is a connection there with the rise in suicide. 

For the good of all generations the VS. needs to go away.  It feels as if the Republicans and Democrats push us to fight this culture war with each other.  In the meantime they will continue with their reckless spending, creating an unstable future for us all.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of the coming Military Industrial Complex in 1961, a warning we have not heeded.  Both parties continue to balloon the deficit in various areas, all of which seem ineffective and result in a harder life for us all.

We need to move past the thought that it is all another generations fault for current affairs.  Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, a boomer, millennial, or gen x'er, no one you have voted for has done well as a responsible steward for this country.  We need to re-establish pride in this country as a whole, and hold ourselves and our government to a higher standard. 

"Hard time create strong men.  Strong men create good times.  Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times."  - Michael Hopf

Well put, Jeremy.

Hence why Screencaps is doing so well. Yes, we'll have small wars like JT vs. Dana B. pop up from time to time, but this community is where cooler heads prevail.

I've been asked multiple times why I don't start a message board for Screencaps.

Answer: Because typically by the time you sit down to hammer out an email, you've cooled down. Screencaps is actually saving your sanity. Social media is too easy. Screencaps makes it hard to stay fired up. You have to wait 24 hours to see a response. By then, you've calmed down.

Screencaps is great for your health in more ways than one, minus the food section. Not too many low-calorie selections in that department.

• Brandon G., in Chi-raq, Illinois writes:

I find myself agreeing with both JT and Dana; I think the absolutist language of JT's assertions are what ticked Dana off the most, so I want to restate their theses with some qualifiers:

Many Boomers have the luxury of being oblivious to the current workings of the world due to inherited postwar prosperity.

Many Millennials are lazy and entitled, often due to their parents' enabling and/or their own obsession with consumption.

As a Millennial raised in a white-collar, middle-class suburb, many white-collar Boomers come off as oblivious to today's challenges in replicating their financial trajectory. I can recall my Dad playfully arguing with one of my Boy Scout leaders trying to remember if their college tuition was $400 or $800 a semester in the 80s. This, combined with the ability to work a "wage" job in order to pay for school and maybe a car, along with the ability to purchase new-build homes for $100k, put them at a massive advantage. College degrees actually meant something back then, and Boomers' expenses as a share of their income were lower than ours today. Simply look at the first "Numbers" tweet from Charlie Bilello in today's 'Caps on home prices and monthly payments to see what we're up against.

Dana B and her family sound like hard-working, blue-collar folk. I hope you see where I've differentiated between white and blue-collar Boomers here. We have plenty to learn from Dana B and families like hers. Many folks I work with in small, rural towns still have this do-it-yourself attitude about the world and I think those values impart more than can be measured financially.

That said, Millennials are a direct result of Boomers abdicating their role in stewarding postwar prosperity. Unchecked consumerism and the desire for lower prices outsourced American jobs and lowered the quality of goods (especially food). Boomers' quiet and respectful "live and let live" stance towards the revolutionary spirit of the 60s through today's Culture War has allowed all major institutions (all levels of government, media, schools, etc.), once trustworthy and still major influences, to consolidate power and become propaganda for the current thing. This lack of stewardship allowed our country to go from honorable patriots volunteering to protect their country in WWII, to people promoting drag queen story hour today. 

Do I have a solution? Not really. Hopefully the wisdom of the Dana B's of the world can guide us.

If you're young and reading this: lift weights and go to church. These are the most radical and counter-cultural actions you can take today.

Again, this is why I am a huge proponent of Letters to the Editor. Brandon's sitting there in Chi-raq hunkered down from bullets flying at all hours and he pumps out an email like that. Shares his opinions, rightfully compliments Dana B. and makes his point.

Speaking of Great American Boomers, let's get to Mike T. & Cindy T. halfway around the world

You know who would get along really well? Cindy T., Dana B. and the Millennials who write into Screencaps. I promise. These ladies are smart, up on the modern social trends, Cindy T. is an encyclopedia of travel and I'm not talking about Gatlinburg. And everyone is getting along with Mike T.

Here's what the Ts have been up to since the last time I sat down at the computer.

Mike T. says these 2-cycle engine haulers with truck beds are "very popular, especially in Italy."

Mike T. adds it's very common for people to ride scooters to the train station. I need one of those to ride around the neighborhood to see what my friends are up to.

Get caught up on everything Mike T. & Cindy T. HERE

Kum, again?

• Chris in Indy writes:

We were in Colorado recently and we needed to stop for gas, beer and ice.  We noticed this convenience store and couldn’t find a reason not to stop here:

Back home in Indy a week later and stopped by our favorite brewery and the bartender had this on:

Have to think the odds are astronomical!

Now this is a Florida fantasy football headline if I've ever seen one

• Lee D. in Florida writes:

Funny. Dude can't collect his $50,000 winnings so he calls in a news station's consumer affairs reporter. LOL

Pete in New Zealand is back

I wrote in the final TNML roundup of the season that I haven't forgotten about Pete in New Zealand and look who was reading that report.

Yep, Pete!

• Pete writes:

The thought crossed my mind this morning BEFORE I read today's update that those TNML stickers to NZ may have been forgotten about.  And then I read your post.  Great minds and all that.

Enjoy the TNML off-season while those of us in the southern (or is it outer?) parts of this realm pick up the mantle.

FYI - the rugby league world cup tournament is taking place right now in England.  Australia are perennial favourites while NZ and England are the main threats.  The Kiwis have a pretty good team this year but Aussie will likely be too strong for all comers.

If you guys want to connect with a real rugby fan who actually lives in New Zealand and understands this sport like you understand baseball, I'm willing to forward your messages around the world.

Looks like summer is right around the corner for Pete and his grass. Hopefully we get some mowing reports in December.

Southern California checking in

• Kent Mac writes:

Mailing in while having a lunch beer. I'm a wannabe midwesterner from Southern California (Browns fan)and I proudly mow my own lawn, but in this part of the country nobody mows their own lawn. I live in a low middle class neighborhood, but there are so many gardeners round here, I'm the only one mowing his lawn. It's sad that SoCal is so lazy, no pride in home ownership.

2 years ago I had a bad experience at a steak house with a grumpy 20 year old boy, and from that point on I stopped tipping males, I only tip females now. This seems to tie in with Do Hard Things. Whaddya think?

Tattoos are uncool now. They used to be cool, but when too many people get too many in too many places they become not cool,  especially on women, God's gift to man. Sorry tattoo lovers. 

I have 7 of them and I don't like them any longer. I'm 46 I can remember when they were cool.

Enough of Hildeee's button. How about Zienna Sonne's waist? Kinda gross.

I'm glad Kent brought up Zienna and her waist. I saw a different Zienna photo this week and it's becoming clear that Zienna is a waist model in a league of her own. Now, I'm just here to report and you decide.

It's clearly an interesting waist that doesn't appear to be photoshopped. I'm told by some that this is the hourglass figure that women are after, but again, I'm no expert on this stuff.

Hey, at least it's not Hildeeeeeee's belly button again. The subject has been changed.

And with that, I'm off to the soccer fields. It's the final day of the fall season and the weather is actually going to be nice. Thank you Mother Nature for looking out for us suburban parents who sit out in those fields watching the clock.

Have a great weekend across this incredible country. Enjoy those college football games. Enjoy those smoked chicken wings and those beers. Especially enjoy those beers. Savor them.

And if you're in Dayton, Ohio today, my brother is playing Santa at Milano's on Brown St. for the Great Lakes Christmas Ale launch party.

Take care.


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