Instagram Model Sommer Ray Stops By, WWE's Kelly Kelly Is An Ice Queen & Matt Ryan Blows Another Lead In Historic Fashion

It's officially bowl season

It's officially bowl season and that means plopping down in front of the TV to watch a couple of teams you haven't watched a second of all season. Things got underway on Friday with the Bahamas Bowl and the Cure Bowl.

Both games featured teams that only hardcore fans and gamblers would know much about. On Saturday there were six more bowl games with some more recognizable teams taking the field.

I have to be honest I didn't catch much of the action on Saturday. That's mostly due to the fact that this time of year we get NFL games on Saturdays. Those I watched.

Saturday NFL games are back!

That's right. We can smell the playoffs when Saturday NFL games return and there were a couple of games that had postseason implications on the schedule.

Both the Vikings and Bills clinched a playoff spot in two of the most entertaining games of the season. Technically the Ravens and Browns game had postseason implications, but with Lamar Jackson out of the lineup Baltimore didn't put up much of a fight.

The fighting came in Colts-Vikings and Dolphins-Bills games. First to the action in Minnesota. In the first half it looked as if Primetime Kirk Cousins was going to blow another game. That was until the NFL gods realized that Matt Ryan was the Colts quarterback.

After Ryan and the Colts took a 33-0 lead into the second half, everything started to unravel. They managed just three points in the second half while the Vikings mounted an unbelievable comeback.

At the end of regulation the game was tied at 36. At the end of overtime Matt Ryan's name was in the record books for being on the wrong side of the largest comeback in NFL history. Nobody blows leads like Matt Ryan and don't you forget it.

Bills Mafia enjoyed the snow

As if the Vikings comeback wasn't enough for one day the Dolphins and Bills had something in store for fans as the team played in the middle of a snowstorm.

With several inches of snow covering the stands prior to kickoff, it was only a matter of time before the snowballs started flying. This is the Bills Mafia after all. They see snow and they're making snowballs to throw.

Bills fans threw so many snowballs at the Dolphins bench that the game had to be temporarily delayed. It was announced that the Bills would be penalized if the snowballs continued.

The fans eased up on the snowballs enough to make it through the game. And what a game it was.

Things between the two AFC East rivals got heated as the Bills mounted their fourth quarter comeback. A comeback that ended with game winning field goal in the snow to secure their fourth straight playoff appearance.

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