Influencer Called Out For Loud Videos & Standing Naked In Her Window Signs A Multi-Fight Deal With Boxing Promotion, Offers To Knock Her Complaining Neighbor Out

Influencer Amber O'Donnell made headlines last week when her neighbor interrupted a TikTok video she was making. The neighbor laid into the 24-year-old for making loud videos and standing naked in her window.

The neighbor knocked on O'Donnell's car window and said, "I'm not being funny, but you need to stop now. You're being really loud. I'm sat in my garden, I've come home from work and all I can hear is your gob."

"Well, I've just come from my actual job and I really just don’t want to hear it, if I can’t hear you I can fucking see you," the neighbor continued. "You're always stood in your window with your tits out and I've had enough, I don't want to see it."

Yorkshire's #1 OnlyFans girl was left without much to say after the interaction with her complaining neighbor. Since the now-deleted video went viral O'Donnell's had more to say.

In the aftermath she's been battling it out with the trolls on Twitter. She also signed a multi-fight deal with Kingpyn Boxing to compete in influencer boxing events.

Following her multi-fight deal announcement, O'Donnell, who has been boxing for almost two years, was jokingly offered a chance to fight the neighbor who hates her.

The influencer jumped all over the offer to step in the ring with the hater. She replied, "Yeah I'll knock 50yr old Sharon out for a few quid."

Neighbor Fights Would Be Much More Entertaining Than Influencer Fights

It sounds like a crazy idea, but the rest of O'Donnell's neighbors would probably pay to watch the two of them settle things. This neighbor is undeniably not a fan of hers.

While the 50-year-old Sharon neighbor claimed there are other neighbors that don't like O'Donnell's loud videos and nudity, she appears to be the only one harassing O'Donnell over it.

The reality is likely that this neighbor is the annoying one. She's out there looking for reasons to get into other's business.

The other neighbors, no doubt about it, actually hate the Sharon but don't want her to turn her attention on them. I'd take loud videos and window nudity over a neighbor knocking on my car window to relay their complaints.

Putting a fight together might be the only way to settle things. Influencer fights are a thing, why not winner takes all neighbor fights?