Influencer Ashly Schwan Enjoys Football Season, Katie Williams Hits An Outdoor Shower & South Carolina Took Down Another Top 10 Team

Tis the season

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It's now time to get in the Christmas spirit. What better way to do that than by sitting down next to the tree and watching a movie?

In between all of the football on Saturday I spent an hour and thirty-seven minutes last night watching one of my favorite Christmas movies, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

It's really the only Christmas movie I have to watch every year. And if by chance I happen to catch any others, it's the only one I'll sit down and watch multiple times.

I don't care how many times I've watched it, it's always funny. Is it the best Christmas movie of all-time? Probably not, but it's high on my list.

Nothing puts you in the Christmas spirit quite like this scene - that Movieclips has appropriately titled - "A Bit Nipply Out."

Rivalry Saturday did not disappoint

What a week in College Football. Rivalry Saturday, much like the rest of rivalry week, did not disappoint. There were back-and-forth battles and my favorite, the unranked team taking out a ranked opponent.

No. 1 Georgia and No. 4 TCU both took care of business on Saturday to improve to 12-0. No. 2 Ohio State fell at home to No. 3 Michigan, 45-23. The back-and-forth game was taken over late by the Wolverines and running back Donovan Edwards.

Now to a couple of College Football Playoff hopefuls who blew it this weekend. No. 5 LSU was handed their third loss of the season by a five win Texas A&M team. The 38-23 loss on the road ends any hopes they had of sneaking in.

That's also the case for No. 8 Clemson, who lost 31-30 at home to South Carolina. For the Gamecocks, they followed up last weekend's win over Tennessee by adding another impressive victory over a Top 10 team to their win total. They celebrated appropriately.

A team that helped themselves and could certainly make a case for the the fourth playoff spot is No. 6 USC. The Trojans improved to 11-1 on Saturday with a 38-27 win over No. 15 Notre Dame.

Losing was a little too much for a couple of players

It wouldn't be a full week in College Football without a little controversy. At the end of Kentucky's 26-13 win over No. 25 Louisville, Cardinals wide receiver Chris Bell was caught on camera throwing a water bottle at Wildcats fans.

That was nothing compared to what Oregon linebacker D.J. Johnson did following the 9th ranked Ducks loss to No. 21 Oregon State. He was caught on camera sucker punching a Beavers fan on the field after the game.

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