Incredible 'Stranger Things' Halloween Display Results In The Police Getting Called

A couple in Illinois took Halloween decorations to a new level with a "Stranger Things" display.

Dave and Aubrey Appel in Plainfield, Illinois put up an insane "Stranger Things" Halloween setup featuring Max's levitation scene from the latest season of the hit Netflix show.

However, the display was so epic that it resulted in a call to the police, according to TMZ. A neighbor ended up calling the authorities because a random person decided to pull into their driveway and walk on the lawn in order to get photos.

Initially, the Appels thought about taking the "Stranger Things" display down but ultimately decided to keep it rocking due to an overwhelming about of support, according to the same TMZ report.

It's a good thing it's still up because to call it epic would absolutely be an understatement.

If you're going to do a Halloween setup, you might as well go big. Swing for the fences when it comes to the decorations.

That's exactly what the Appels did, and they crushed a home run.

Not only was the "Stranger Things" Halloween display one of the best we've ever seen, but the pair also made a very convincing Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler.

The Halloween game might be over for 2022, and we're less than a week into the spooky month. Clearly, when the Appels play, they play to win.

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