Incredible Cockpit Video Shows A 747 Landing In Low Visibility

An absolutely unreal video shows what pilots can see when landing a plane in low visibility.

Everyone with a brain knows flying through rough weather isn't fun and it can certainly make you a little nervous.

Well, buckle up because you're going to be a hell of a lot more nervous once you get a look at what the cockpit can see.

In a truly mind-boggling video from the Twitter account Aviation, pilots landed a 747 in what appeared to be incredibly heavy fog. Only at the last second did the runway become visible.

The pilots of this plane probably have guts of steel.

Who is ready to hop in a plane and fly through some fog after seeing this video? I'm most certainly not. Not at all.

The runway didn't appear until what literally seemed like the final second. The photo below shows a nice progression of the final moments before the wheels hit.

Now, do the pilots have a ton of advanced instruments and tools in the cockpit to help them? Of course. Planes are incredibly advanced.

The old saying is they pretty much fly themselves at this point. There's definitely some truth to that, but you still need some serious guts to fly a plane in conditions that make it very difficult to see.

Don't think so? Try to give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

Next time you're flying through rough conditions, give your pilots a big thanks. Clearly, they deserve it.

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