Identity Of Viral Female Ohio State Fan Revealed

The identity of the female Ohio State fan known as #PeachBowlGirl has been revealed.

During the College Football Playoff semifinals game between the Buckeyes and Georgia, a woman was briefly shown on the screen and immediately went viral on social media as #PeachBowlGirl. The hunt was on to ID her.

Now, the sleuths on the internet have identified her as Xavier freshman lacrosse player Catherine Gurd.

After a quick dive into Gurd's social media, it's crystal clear that she is indeed the woman who captivated the nation Saturday night.

She even confirmed the news on TikTok late Monday.

Gurd also posted photos of herself, including the frame in question, at the game. The proof is overwhelming.

Catherine Gurd, aka #PeachBowlGirl, is a great athlete in her own right.

Don't let the fact Gurd went viral for cheering on the Buckeyes in a losing effort distract your from the fact she's a great athlete.

The Ohio native is a member of the Musketeers freshman lacrosse class, and majors in biomedical sciences.

So, not only is she a D1 athlete, but she must also be pretty damn smart.

Sometimes, a great mystery consumes the internet, and much like "Knives Out," everyone dedicates resources to finding an answer.

This one only took a couple days to solve, and we now know the Ohio State fan known as #PeachBowlGirl is Catherine Gurd.

As a big J journalist, I've reached out to Gurd for her breakdown of the situation. Make sure to check back for an update when we have one at OutKick!