IBF Bantamweight Champ Ebanie Bridges Announces She Has Joined OnlyFans With Her Raciest Lingerie Weigh-In To Date

The time for trash talk is over. The big day is upon us and IBF Bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges has delivered. No, I'm not talking about her title fight against Shannon O'Connell. That takes place tomorrow.

What I am talking about is the Blonde Bomber's much anticipated lingerie weigh-in. They set the tone for her fight and this was one of her raciest weigh-ins to date. The Kendra Lust-backed boxer showed up with her growing business on her mind and delivered.

The skimpy lingerie look was on point as were the advertisements she included with her look. It's not clear, and I didn't do a ton of digging, as to what the ad was on her upper thigh. The one across her abs was clear and promoted her newly-launched OnlyFans.

O'Connell, who has referred to Bridges as a skanky stripper, wasn't at all amused with the incredible weigh-in. She was still talking trash as the ladies made it official.

Bridges laughed off what she called "delusional" stuff O'Connell had to say. It doesn't look like the challenger realizes that the fight against the champ has already started.

Score the weigh-in an easy 10-8 round for Bridges. This guy behind Bridges as she prepared to step on the scales says it all. He didn't want to get caught taking a peak and the ring on his finger lets everyone know why.

Ebanie Bridges Can't Lose This Weekend

In addition to the weigh-in announcement, Bridges also took to social media to share some details about her new venture. She didn't just launch a page on the subscription platform, OnlyFans is also her newest sponsor.

"Guys, I'm so excited to announce that I've joined OnlyFans," Bridges said. "So now you can get exclusive content from my training to my everyday life. Plus all the fun stuff."

"Guys, subscribe to my OnlyFans so you can get exclusive content not seen anywhere else. You won't regret it."

Whether Bridges successfully defends her title or not, this has already been a great weekend for the Blonde Bomber.