Husband Catches Cheating Wife With Baby Monitor

A man ended up in a courtroom in Carlisle, England for threatening to kill a former colleague of his. He caught his wife cheating on him with the man thanks to a baby monitor that was connected to his phone. He rushed home to confront them and threatened his wife's lover with a knife.

47-year-old Marek Fecko found out about his wife's affair thanks to text messages with his former co-worker on her phone. He didn't confront her at the time, instead opting to attempt to catch them in the act. That opportunity came on October 31.

Prosecutor Tim Evans described to the court how Fecko had discovered his wife's affair. He also detailed how his wife turned a baby monitor that was in their bedroom around to face the wall, but didn't turn off the sound.

Evans said, "The unhappy result of that was that his wife commenced an affair. That affair was with a former work colleague of Mr Fecko."

"At the time of the offenses, October 31, the affair had been going on for five and a half months," Evans continued. "Mr Fecko and his wife had stayed together, even though he became aware of the affair from messages on his wife's phone."

"In the marital bedroom there was a baby monitor. It was connected by way of sound and vision to Mr. Fecko's phone. Within a short time of him leaving the house, his wife and (victim) were in the marital bedroom."

"She'd turned the baby monitor towards the wall. But she didn't turn off the sound. Therefore the goings on in the marital bedroom were broadcast to Mr. Fecko's phone."

Leaving The Sound On Had To Be On Purpose

After catching his wife and work colleague in the act, Fecko drove home from work to confront them. The man was locked in his car when Fecko arrived and that's when Fecko grabbed a knife and threatened to kill him.

The defense called Fecko's actions, "very human reaction to a significant degree of provocation." In other words, "how was he supposed to respond to catching his wife cheating?"

All things considered, things could have ended very poorly for the work colleague. The judge appeared to be understanding of the situation, but still handed down an 18-month community order with 120 hours of volunteer work.

"But of course you would be upset and angry at this act of infidelity; after all, you had been married for 11 years and had a family together," the judge said. " had been a work colleague of yours."

On top of the 120 hours of unpaid work, a restraining order was put in place. Fecko is not allowed to contact the man for a year. The two no longer work together.

There are positives and negatives to technology just like there is with anything else. Count the invention of a baby monitor to keep tabs on your baby, and possibly catch your cheating wife, as one of the positives. Depending on how you look at it, of course.

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