How Much Weed Does Snoop Dogg Smoke Every Day?

Snoop Dogg is laying the smoke down as to just how much marijuana he blazes a day.

The rapper and weed aficionado took to Instagram to refute a claim from his personal blunt roller, who claimed that she rolled an estimated "half-a-million joints and blunts" for Snoop, which would equate to anywhere from 75 to 150 a day!

But, not so fast, says Snoop:

Like a detective examining a crime scene, Snoop meticulously laid out the evidence showing 10 smoked blunt roaches, nowhere near the 75+ number being speculated.

In the video, Snoop can be heard in eloquent fashion saying: "Stop lying. How the F--- am I gonna smoke all that weed in one day? What am I a f-n machine? Bitch, this is the roaches. See? Roaches."

Snoop's personal blunt roller, Renegade PerRana, revealed her side of the story during an interview on the Australian radio show "The Kyle and Jack O Show." According to PerRana, she says she has rolled over 450,000 blunts and joints since working with him in 2016. "I do about half a pound a day, which is 75 to 150 joints." She later added that Snoop basically doesn't go anywhere without a blunt on him.

To be honest, 10 blunts a day seems kinda low for the Doggfather. Especially since I feel like every time I see Snoop out in public or on stage, he's holding a burning blunt.

Is age catching up to the 51-year-old, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr.?

During a 2013 Twitter Q&A, Snoop said that he smoked 81 blunts a day, which lines up closer to PerRana's estimate.

By the way, I'm sure you're wondering if a "personal blunt roller," gets paid. The answer is yes, and it may be even more than you're making at $40-50,000!

Snoop Loves Weed

Snoop Dogg has become synonymous with smoking weed. What was once viewed as a dangerous entity, the marijuana and cannabis business is booming with revenue right now. As more states like Missouri and Maryland continue to legalize recreational marijuana, so too will the economic opportunities.

Snoop has been a leading figure with this.

He is the owner of his own line of marijuana products called "Leafs By Snoop." He also owns "Merry Jane," which is a digital media Cannabis business. And on top of that, he's also an investor in a California-based weed delivery program.

And who can forget when he teamed up with Martha Stewart on a cookbook, "From Crook To Cook," to help people who may have the munchies?

If Snoop ever dies, instead of an "Eternal Flame" that never goes out, I hope his tombstone has a smoke machine that constantly puffs out smoke at the top of every hour.

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