Holy Smokes! One of Rihanna's Dancers Nearly Fell To Their Death During Super Bowl Halftime Show: Video

One of Rihanna's igloo babies nearly fell to their death during the outrageous Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday.

While reactions were mixed to Rihanna's 13-minute set during Super Bowl LVII, the event organizers were fortunate to not have a tragedy occur.


The show was several inches away from taking a grim turn during Rihanna's performance of "All Of The Lights" when one performer nearly fell off the elevated platform.

Hanging several dozen feet over the main stage, the Super Bowl backup dancers in puffy white garments were high-kicking and waddling on small platforms fit for two to three people max.

After one big kick, a dancer on the center platform fell back on their bottom and managed to stop their momentum from going fully backward and plummeting to the stage below.


Given the puffiness of the outfit, the glammed-up Bubble Boy may have actually stood a chance of surviving the fall. Thankfully it didn't come down to testing the strength of their garment.

The backup dancers weren't the only ones in harm's way during the halftime show. Rihanna, who announced after the performance that she is pregnant with her second child, appeared on the elevated platform several times.

Without any tragedies to derail the action, Super Bowl audiences were amused as they poked fun at the dancers dressed in all white, which was likely the best part of the whole presentation.

From Oompa Loompas to hazmat workers to Chinese spy balloons, the comparisons were flowing.

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