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That was a close call with one of my moneymakers

I was moving around glasses on the counter last night when BOOM, two ancient IKEA glasses collided with the countertop and my left hand. You know how there's that millisecond where you know you've been slit, you can see the cut, but there's no blood, but you know there's going to be blood?

Yeah, it happened in a flash.

Glass everywhere. My left palm is slit. My blogging life flashing before my eyes.

My mind immediately started racing that I could be headed to the OutKick 14-day DL (at least) with an inoperable left hand.

How will the Morning Screencaps readers react while I'm out on medical leave? Is this the end of my blogging career? Will I be forced into podcasting Screencaps? Will I be forced onto the IR and shut down for my career.

Will I bleed out?

Will I be able to mow on Opening Day?

Talk about a huge scare.

Thankfully, I applied immediate pressure to the slit and kept the bleeding to a minimum. I didn't go into shock and I was able to make an emergency call to Mrs. Screencaps who raced home to make sure I didn't need emergency surgery on one of my moneymakers.

I survived!

No stitches. No surgery.

I'm sure the medical experts here will say I'll be scarred, but let's face it, bloggers with palm scars are the rock stars of the industry. Just think of the bar stories when some old salty dawg lays eyes on that palm scar.

Salty Dawg: "Is that scar from a street fight?"

Me: "Yeah, one night I put through a monitor during a Twitter fight."

It'll be a conversation like a couple of biker gang members talking shop.

How do you handle your teen kids and their phones? Are you monitoring their app usage? What are the ground rules in 2023?

Last night, Mrs. Screencaps and I were sitting at the dinner table when we caught some news story of a young girl who ended up abducted after meeting some scumbag on the Internet. She was found being held in a shed in like North Carolina.

We started talking about kids, phones and how much monitoring parents are doing.

I could Google the topic, but then I'd get some AI / ChatGPT ansewr to the question when I want to hear from real humans on how they're handling real big-world problems.

• Diesel in SW Michigan writes:

Social media usage should be monitored by parents until children reach an age that the parent is comfortable trusting their child with not being monitored. It's all in the parenting of the children…setting expectations and inspecting those expectations daily to ensure proper development of good habits. Parenting is not about being someone's friend but is about preparing your child for excelling in the world and not becoming a wart on the ass of society.

I need to hear from you guys on this one. Help those of us who are closing in on living this life.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

How should the dad with a stripper daughter handle the situation?

The big topic around here this week is the Reddit dad who wants to know if he's the asshole for cutting off his 22-year-old daughter's car payments after learning she's now stripping on the side. Get caught up on the story here.

• Jessica W. is mad at me over how I'd handle the situation:

Your response to the dad of the college stripper was miles off base. It is dad's obligation to help his daughter if he said he would. Her job choice is not his business. SHE IS AN ADULT. Helping your adult children should not come with strings attached. He should be happy she is working hard and going to school in the first place. I honestly think he is just ashamed because his friend told him about it. You mentioned slinging drinks instead. Why in this world do people think it's better to destroy a liver than for someone take off their clothes off?? It's 2023. Get a grip. Really.


Appalled men still think they can tell adult daughters how to behave

• Branden B. writes:

She can use some of her money from her onlyfans accout.

• Ron L. writes:

Need more info on this. Is she working at a Gentleman's club?  Because if she is we all know there is more to it than swinging on a pole naked. There are lap dances and private lap dances that bring in the big bucks. Many college girls do this to pay their way through college. Mom is probably a little naive here but dad isn't. Dad's not the Ahole when he is subsidizing his daughter. 

I had no idea OutKick now employs 50 people

As I've written in this space multiple times over the years, when I started at OutKick on June 1, 2020, there were five or six writers, Clay and an executive editor. That was it. There wasn't a radio team. There wasn't a video team. There weren't social media editors throwing together TikToks. Was TikTok even invented back then?

There wasn't an HR department that I know of. I don't even remember how the paychecks were handled, but the money was always there after a hard week of bloggin' away.

I seem to remember one Slack-like channel where we'd talk like once a day.

I remember the first Zoom call like it was just happened.

Welp, let's start writing. Do what you do. Just get going.

Here I am this morning reading, via Axios, that this place now employs 50 people. That caught me off-guard, but it shows just how much growth has occured to this site since that bare bones 2020 phone call.

What a ride it's been.

Speaking of OutKick growth, I'm booked on the Dan Dakich show this morning

9:15 ET is my time slot to talk about the OutKick Woke All-Star Challenge. Yes, it's 8:45 ET as I type this. I have to haul ass down into the bunker to get ready for Internet TV.

Texas checking in

• Chris B. in Houston writes:

Happy Spring Break from Galveston, TX

A golfer who shoots in the 90s needs advice

• Mark P in Indiana writes:

I play golf about once a week April to October and shoot in the 90s. Primarily higher 90s but still 90s. I am trying to get better but I have no time to go to driving range to practice. Need suggestions ; can I take 1 or 2 lessons and it make an impact and if so how do i find a pro? Can i watch videos (into the Danny Maude videos right now) and hope to duplicate it or is that a lost cause?

I am assuming I could get better with time at range and a commitment but that is just not in the cards right now. Do i just live with my score and enjoy the beers and cigars more? Any recommendations from SC group would help.


Again, Mark has "no time" to practice golf. Is there any hope for this guy? Are there any tricks to improving his golf game while playing golf once a week?

You guys are the experts here. Personally, I'd tell Mark to just be happy shooting in the 90s and refuse to be one of those guys who thinks he's going to get good.

He seems happy as-is. I wouldn't change the mood.

That's it. I have to get my ass moving to Dakich's show. This will be my second appearance with Dan and I need to be on top of my game because, as you know, Dan's an alpha who will be looking for equal energy.

Have an incredible day across this incredible country of ours.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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