Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Is Back On The Ice Stopping Shots

Mikayla Demaiter, the most famous retired female hockey goalie in the world, is back on the ice and stopping shots, according to newly released Instagram Story videos.

The Instagram superstar isn't revealing whether her returning to the ice and between the pipes is a sign of things to come, but earlier this week she commented "guess who's back" on a video featuring her on the ice.

Hold up, is Demaiter -- with her 1.5 milliion Instagram followers -- telling us she's about to turn pro in hockey? I've analyzed the data here and this doesn't seem to be some Instagram content tease. It appears Demaiter is about to reveal some major hockey news that is going to send shockwaves through the sport.

Wednesday, Demaiter, who played for Bluewater in the Provincial Women's Hockey League in 2018-19, posted a video where she's facing "warmups" shots and wearing what looks like an "Elite Female" hockey jersey. It's unclear if this is some startup women's hockey league that's starting. That angle of this story will take a little more i-Team investigating.

Trust me, the OutKick Culture Department is on high alert. I've even ordered Culture Dept. investigator SeanJo to work his sources within the female Canadian hockey circles to figure out what's going on while I have slid into Mikayla's IG DMs.

That's how Culture Department Big Js handle these stories. We attack these stories from all angles.

Stay tuned.

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