Heroic Nashville Cops Who Stopped Massacre Identified As Rex Englebert And Michael Collazo

Nashville police officers Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo are responsible for killing Audrey Hale during a Monday massacre at the Covenant School.

Hale, a biological woman who identified as a man, was shot and killed by Collazo and Englebert as she carried out a devastating massacre that left three children and three adults dead.

The police announced Collazo and Englebert as the heroes who stopped the rampage late Monday, according to Fox News.

Nashville authorities announced the following in part:

The first call to 911 about shots being fired in the building came in at 10:13 a.m. Officers rushed to the campus, made entry and began clearing the building. Shots were heard coming from the second level. It was on the second floor, in a common area, that a team of officers encountered Hale shooting (she had been firing through a window at arriving police cars). Two members of an officer team fired on Hale and fatally wounded her. Those two officers are Officer Rex Englebert, a four-year MNPD veteran, and Officer Michael Collazo, a nine-year MNPD veteran.

These Nashville police officers are heroes.

What happened Monday is nothing short of an absolutely horrific and evil tragedy of the worst kind. Hale entered the school with three weapons and opened fire on innocent children and staffers.

Unlike Uvalde, Collazo and Englebert didn't set a perimeter and just wait for an hour. She engaged officers as they arrived and the pair split from a four-person response team, engaged Hale, got rounds on target and killed her.

It takes someone with serious guts to run towards gunfire, but that's exactly what these two heroes did. It's an unfortunate but necessary reminder there are a lot of good police officers out there.

Collazo and Englebert didn't wake up hoping to get in a gunfight, but when children were put at risk, neither hesitated.

Remember the dead, pray for the community and thank the brave police officers who ended Audrey Hale's sadistic and evil rampage. They're both heroes and great Americans, and we tip our cap to them here at OutKick.

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