NBC ‘News’ Reporter Blames Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh For Trans Person Shooting Up Nashville School

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An NBC “News” reporter named Benjamin Ryan posted a tweet suggesting The Daily Wire is to blame for the transgender person who shot up a Nashville school on Monday, leaving six dead.

Ryan deflected blame away from the child murderer — who shall remain nameless — and onto Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles.

The reporter says the trio’s “anti-trans activity” pushed the assassin over the edge.

Mr. or Mrs. Ryan, depending on his preferred pronouns this evening, deleted the tweet after learning it didn’t go over well with the Twitter folks.

But screenshots live forever:

OutKick direct messaged Ryan asking him why he deleted the tweet. He has not responded.

What he did do, however, is scrub his bio from his Twitter page.

At the time he blamed The Daily Wire for a trans person murdering children, Ryan’s bio noted his affiliation with NBC and the Washington Post. His bio promoted his coverage of Covid-19 and HIV/AIDS.

Now, his bio is empty:

Benjamin Ryan’s Twitter page before his meltdown.
Benjamin Ryan’s current Twitter page.

Did NBC fire the insidious moron?

Did he cancel himself out of shame of his own stupidity?

Why didn’t the man declare his gender pronouns in his bio to start?

We are holding out hope Ryan answers each of these questions in our request for comment.

Also — Shapiro, Walsh, and Knowles have actively fought against kids undergoing dangerous genital mutilation surgeries. The Daily Wire has sought to protect children.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Ryan is defending an animal who slayed three children in the classroom.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Of course he did. That’s what lying asshole leftists do, instead of blaming the shooter, lack of intervention for mental illness, the left’s own hatred of Christians, or their ginned up anger at “transphobes”. Left-wing media is deflecting now that they are helping to create trans mass-murderers.

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