Here's Everything Fans Need To Know About 'Yellowstone' Returning

"Yellowstone" officially returns tonight, and it's time to get back on the ranch with the Duttons.

After 315 days without a new episode of the hit series with Kevin Costner, fans are going to be rolling tonight. Fortunately for all of you, we have everything you need to know here at OutKick

It's hard to believe "Yellowstone" is finally back, but here we are. The season five two-hour premiere drops tonight, and I can't wait.

What should "Yellowstone" fans expect from the season five premiere?

Everyone wants to know where the Duttons go after the season four cliffhanger. Kayce dropped his ominous "end of us" line, and the ranch has more enemies than ever.

Market Equities is geared up for war. The money from out of state is the most powerful foe the Duttons have ever faced, and it seems like Beth might finally be in over her head.

Can the Duttons, once again, find a way to kick ass and defend the ranch? That remains to be seen.

What we do know for sure is that season five is going to be as gritty and dark as anything we've ever seen on the show from Taylor Sheridan.

That's why fans love the show. It's real, authentic, dark, sinister and there are several moments that leave fans stunned. Add in the fact it doesn't push woke nonsense, and it's not hard to see why America is obsessed with "Yellowstone."

More than anything, it just feels good to be back. I've got some beer iced down ready to roll, the popcorn will be made right at the start and I will be unreachable.

As the saying goes, don't even call me during "Yellowstone" if someone has died. There's nothing I can do to save them.

Let's all get ready to ride tonight, and sound off in the comments with your theories. There's no doubt we're in for an awesome night now that the Duttons and "Yellowstone" are back.

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