HBO Reportedly Makes Bizarre Decision With 'Westworld'

"Westworld" will reportedly soon be taken off HBO Max.

HBO previously canceled the once-popular show about robots and humans, and now, the network is preparing to dump it from its flagship streaming platform, according to Deadline.

The show with Ed Harris will likely move to "other company platforms," according to the same report.

This decision on "Westworld" from HBO makes no sense.

The news that "Westworld" had been canceled was shocking enough when it happened a few weeks back.

The ratings for the sci-fi show had dropped roughly 80% from the season one finale. "Westworld" was in a free fall, but the stage had still been set for one final season.

Instead, HBO pulled the plug and ended it after four seasons.

Now, the network will reportedly take it off HBO Max and possibly put it elsewhere. Say whatever you want about the once-iconic show, but it's still one of the most famous shows made over the past decade.

The first season might be the single best season of TV ever made. Generally, when a show gets dumped, it's viewed as not having much value. How could that be the case here?

Even though season three killed the series, the first two seasons were excellent. The show still carries a ton of name recognition.

Yet, HBO is more or less going to hide it. It's a mind-boggling decision that doesn't really make much sense at all.

It should 100% remain on HBO Max, and HBO shouldn't try to throw "Westworld" into the trash can for streaming purposes. Completely stupid and unnecessary.

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