Harrison Ford's '1923' Goes On Break, Will Return In The Near Future

"1923" didn't drop a new episode this past Sunday, but there's no reason to panic.

The fourth episode of the hit "Yellowstone" prequel with Harrison Ford dropped January 8, and gave fans a pretty ominous ending.

Cara Dutton let Banner know her nephew Spencer would return, and when he did, he'd bring his violence with him. Fans were juiced up and amped for episode five this past Sunday.

"1923" will be back soon.

However, when we fired up Paramount+ to watch the Duttons go to war, there wasn't a new "1923" episode.

The show announced on its official Instagram page that it will return February 5, which was news most people didn't seem to know. Fortunately, that's just a few weeks away.

So, there's no reason to start sweating it out.

The "Yellowstone" prequel is outstanding.

The reason why people were probably concerned is because it's tough to go extra time without a fix of "1923."

It's a hell of a show and just through a few episodes, it's every bit as good as the original "Yellowstone" saga. As I previously wrote, there's maybe even an argument to be made that it's even better with its small sample size.

The show is a ton of fun, and Ford is absolutely outstanding as Jacob Dutton. In case you were wondering whether or not Ford still has his fastball, he 100% does.

He's must-watch television whenever he's on the screen. The same can be said about Helen Mirren. It's also going to be a ton of fun to see what Spencer Dutton does down the stretch.

The younger Dutton clearly shows shades of Kayce and is a veteran. We all know how that shakes out in the "Yellowstone" universe.

Now, we wait for February 5 to roll around. Now is a great time to start if you're not already watching "1923." It's a hell of a fun show, and Taylor Sheridan's latest major hit. Trust me, it's going to grab you and not let you go.

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