Groom's Mother Upstages Bride With An Attention Grabbing Dress Of Her Own

Wedding days are supposed to be the bride's big day. She gets to put on the expensive dress and turn heads as she walks down the aisle as a vision of beauty.

In most cases anyway. Sometimes there's some competition from an attendee that can't seem to help themselves. When that person is the groom's mother, there might be a message being sent.

A video with more than a million views shows one such message. In the short clip captioned, "my mother for brothers wedding" the mother of the groom shows off what she decided to wear to the wedding.

The white attention seeking dress could easily be worn as a wedding dress by some. Moreover, it could easily be interpreted as a shot at her daughter-in-law.

This is one of the most absurd wedding videos I've ever seen. And I just saw a video a few days ago of a groom being carried down the aisle in a coffin.

It's one thing for a crazy guest to decide that they're going attempt to upstage the bride, but the groom's mother? That's truly insane.

No Way The Groom's Mother Is A Fan Of The Bride

The mother of the groom doing this should one hundred percent be a crime. A crime where the offender spends time behind bars.

If a person is willing to do this to their own son there's no telling what they're capable of. I hope she was kicked out of the wedding.

The lack of a part two showing a brawl tells me she probably wasn't. A mom willing to do this is also a mom willing to throw hands when called on her BS.

This is a tough way to start a marriage, let's hope mom lives several states away.

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