Grinch Arrested For Punching Reindeer At Company's Christmas Party

It's that time of year again. The time of year for companies to hold their annual Christmas parties. For some this means drinking too much and getting into a fight with a co-worker.

One such party, complete with a fight between co-workers, took place over the weekend in Traverse City, Michigan. To add to the fun of the fight, the two involved were in costumes.

Traverse City Police were called to the Christmas party to breakup a fight between the Grinch and one of Santa's reindeer. When the dust settled on the fight, the Grinch was arrested.

Traverse City Police Captain Keith Gillis said officers were called to the Hotel Indigo due to a fight between two 30-year-old male employees attending a company Christmas party.

The employee in the Grinch costume is said to have been the aggressor. He started throwing punches at his co-worker, who was dressed in a reindeer costume.

"The reindeer was defending himself against the Grinch," Gillis said. The reindeer had minor injuries that didn't require medical attention.

Alcohol, The Grinch, And Christmas Parties Don't Mix

The Grinch was arrested and faces misdemeanor assault charges. He was transported to the Grand Traverse County Jail.

The argument escalating to the point of a physical altercation is believed to have been fueled by alcohol. The names of the two employees involved and the company holding the party at the hotel wasn't provided.

If anyone at a Christmas costume party is going to get arrested it has to be the guy in the Grinch costume. Assuming his heart hasn't yet grown three sizes yet. He is the mean one after all.

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