Greg Gutfeld, Russell Brand End Feud, Show Way Forward: Christian Toto

It can get pretty ugly when two comedians go to war.

Take the bad blood between Greg Gutfeld, the star of Fox News' late-night powerhouse "Gutfeld!" and British bad boy Russell Brand.

Not too long ago Brand said Gutfeld's face resembled a rectal aperture while Gutfeld called Brand "Commie scum."

Gutfeld and Brand made up this week on, where else, "Gutfeld!"

The host invited the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" standout on his late night showcase, and Brand happily obliged. Brand recently made waves on "Real Time with Bill Maher," skewering liberal journalist John Heilemann in the process.

Brand no longer leans as aggressively to the Left as he once did. The man who once sang socialism's praises is now more likely to skewer Big Government. Gutfeld, a Libertarian at heart, prizes humor and camaraderie over pure partisan talking points.

It was only natural for Gutfeld and Brand to reconnect

Their respective profiles have changed dramatically since their old feud simmered. Gutfeld now either leads the late-night pack or comes in a close second to far-Left comedian Stephen Colbert's "The Late Show."

OutKick and Fox News are both owned by Fox Corporation.

Brand became Joe Rogan 2.0 in recent years, using his bustling YouTube channel and various platforms to shred the media narratives on COVID-19, media bias and more. He boasts north of 6.2 million subscribers on YouTube alone. And he's about to debut a new comedy special, "Brandemic," on the free speech platform Rumble.

Both stars are red hot at the moment, which made continuing their feud all the sillier.

Their reunion mattered for other reasons, too.

We remain a deeply divided country, one where comedians are happy to kiss off half the country rather than tell jokes they may applaud. Jimmy Kimmel famously said, "not good riddance, but riddance" to his old right-leaning fan base in 2017.

Does anyone expect Kimmel to extend an olive branch to Red State USA this weekend during his Oscars monologue?

A New York Times columnist recently suggested liberals cut their conservative friends out of their lives entirely. People do just that on social media.

We need more public examples of folks from different backgrounds putting aside their differences. It's what Bill Maher does on a regular basis, both on his HBO program and his "Club Random" podcast. Yes, Maher throws sharp elbows during "Real Time with Bill Maher," but he understands it's bad for the country to make everything political and refuse to see the humanity in your ideological foes.

"Mandalorian"standout Gina Carano attempted a similar message and Disney fired her for it.

The irony of the "Gutfeld!" reunion is clear. Many artists refuse to appear on the top-rated show for fear of being blacklisted within the liberal Hollywood community.

All Gutfeld can do it so mend fences with old foes and lead by example, and Brand was kind enough to agree. Hopefully, others will take the baton from them.

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Christian Toto is an award-winning film critic, journalist and founder of, the Right Take on Entertainment. He’s the author of “Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul” and a lifelong Yankees fan. Toto lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, two sons and too many chickens. Follow Christian on Twitter at