'Gran Turismo' Sneak Peek Offers Plenty Of Racing Goodness

Sony has released a sneak peek at their upcoming movie, Gran Turismo.

Yes, it's based on the popular Gran Turismo series of racing games that have been a Playstation staple for years.

How does that series lend itself to a story with a typical dramatic structure that will satisfy both audiences and critics alike?

Who cares? This thing has racecars!

If you can't entice your girlfriend or wife to see it with you based on that, it's got Orlando Bloom and David Harbour.

It also has Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner's better half — and Ginger Spice herself — Geri Halliwell Horner.

There's something for everyone!

Interspersed between some glamor shots of sports cars and some behind-the-scenes looks at camera rigs the film's actors gave some insight into what to expect.

"It's badass racecar action you're gonna feel like you're in the middle of," Stranger Things alum Harbor said.

"Body vibrating sound," Legolas/naked paddle-boarding aficionado Orlando Bloom added. "The Audience is gonna feel every jolt, every thrill of this of this racing at 200mph."

Is Gran Turismo Going To Be Any Good?

Movie adaptations of video games have a famously low batting average. They're usually well below the Rotten Tomatoes Mendoza Line.

Video game adaptations tend to range between "I'll watch it if it's on cable or I'm on a flight" and "Kill it with fire." Is this Gran Turismo destined for that same fate? I mean, we're taking a racing sim, and shoehorning a love story into it?

Yeah, that won't feel clunky at all...

At least there is a true story that the whole film is going to be based around.

Actor Archie Madekwe stars as Jann Mardenborough a real-life driver who won the GT Academy — a Gran Turismo competition — and earned a real-life race seat. So, there's your video game tie-in.

South African director Neill Blomkamp is at the helm of this movie. He's going to be the one tasked with making this whole thing work like a well-oiled machine. If that name rings a bell, he's known for movies like District 9 and Chappie.

Even if the story is a complete grease fire, at least we'll get a few hours of sports car racing to help that $13 bucket of popcorn go down easier.

Gran Turismo is scheduled to hit theaters on August 11.

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