Graduation Party Brings The House Down As Dance Floor Collapses

A graduation party in Peru was bringing it so hard that they made the entire dance floor cave in.

Dancing comes with safety hazards. If you thought the biggest danger was pulling a groin or tapping a testicle on the floor while trying to show off your James Brown split, think again.

The biggest danger is a lack of dance floor structural integrity.

In fact, next time someone asks you why you won't join them on the dance floor, just show them this video.

This happened in Peru, where a gaggle of teenage revelers celebrated having graduated high school. At this point, it's the one thing that's harder to not accomplish than it is to accomplish. Not as many kids are quitting school in 8th grade to help their parents on their Depression-Era Dust Bowl farm these days.

Nonetheless, it's an excuse to party, and party they did.

The crazy kids just danced so hard they managed to bring the entire house down.

They weren't just cutting a rug; they managed to buzzsaw through what appeared to be plywood. Fortunately, it looks like the dance floor is a few feet off the ground, so no harm, no foul.

This is one of the dangers of dancing that gets overlooked all too often. You get a bunch of people bunching up in one area right-foot, left-stomp-ing like their lives depend on it. If they're Cha-Cha Sliding or Wobbling on an old or poorly constructed dance floor disaster is just around the corner.

Hopefully noted line-dancing connoisseur Nick Saban is throwing down his Cupid Shuffles in a safe and sensible manner.

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