Gracie Hunt Rocks Maxim Shoot

Gracie Hunt is generating plenty of headlines ahead of the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs heiress is down in Arizona for the Super Bowl against the Eagles this Sunday night, and she's also been on a content bender recently.

Well, she's clearly not slowing down. In fact, she's doing the exact opposite. Hunt is only taking things to the next level.

The popular Instagram star did a shoot with Maxim (did you even know that still existed?), and it's proof she's only cranking things up to 100 ahead of Super Bowl LVII.

Gracie Hunt is a star.

While OutKick's Zach Dean might be involved in a minor beef with the Hunt family - you can read more about that here - the rest of the internet is just focused on enjoying her content.

Given the fact the Super Bowl is just a couple days away, you might think Hunt would be stressed out.

Well, does she look stressed out? Does Gracie Hunt's Maxim shoot give off a vibe of someone who is sweating Sunday night?

Not at all. It gives off the vibe of someone getting ready to take her internet domination to the next level.

Now, if only we could convince Gracie Hunt to stop defending Jackson Mahomes, we'd really be cooking with gas.

She's quickly becoming one of the most entertaining women in the sports world, but she definitely doesn't need to burn up her credibility defending those two. Just keep rocking Instagram and staying stress free ahead of the Super Bowl.

That's what the people want to see from Hunt.

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