Government Bizarrely Calls Off Search For Shot Down UFOs

The government is done searching for a pair of UFOs smoked by the American military.

Since the Chinese spy balloon was shot down, three other unknown flying objects have also been destroyed by the military. One was taken down over Alaska, another over Canada and a final one over Lake Huron.

People have been eagerly waiting for the government to collect the wrecks and reveal to the public what is in our airspace.

However, that's apparently not going to happen.

Search for splashed UFOs called off.

Late last week, the government decided to call off the search for the objects shot down over Lake Huron and Alaska, according to The New York Times.

NYT cited "punishing terrain and weather conditions" for why the government has pulled the plug on continuing the search. The Canadians are still searching for the object shot down by an F-22 over the Yukon.

Seeing as how America's military budget is the largest in the world by a massive margin, it seems a bit tough for me to believe "punishing terrain and weather conditions" are stopping us from recovering the wreckages.

We can launch cruise missiles with pinpoint precision, put hellfire missiles in car doors and track anyone on Earth, but we can't find a pair of shot down UFOs? That's a very tough pill to swallow.

What is up in the sky?

There's been some speculation one of the UFOs shot down by the military was simply a hobby balloon. However, there are some holes to that theory.

The biggest is the sidewinder missile uses a heat signature to lock on to a target and destroy it. How would a hobby balloon be able to create the necessary heat signature for it to be acquired by the targeting system?

That's not to say that's not what happened. There are just some questions that need to be answered before we buy in.

As for what else could be up there, the honest answer is I'm not sure anyone knows. The government has confidently ruled out China after the spy balloon, and nobody seems to have a good guess. That's kind of why we needed to recover the wreckages

Why the hell did the government just give up on the efforts? It makes no sense. The only realistic explanation is we did recover the objects and just don't want to say it. Just giving up because of the weather is insane.

The unfortunate truth is it looks like the military and government might never give us answers. That's simply not okay. People have a right to know what's going on, especially when it comes to American airspace.

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