Google Defined ‘Jew’ With Anti-Semitic Definition

Google defined the word "Jew" as to "bargain with someone in a miserly or petty way" for much of the day on Tuesday.

The term also appeared marked as a verb, derived from a stereotype associating "Jewish people with trading and moneylending."

Under "translations and more definitions," the search results included the conjugations "jewed" and "jewing." 

The landing page appeared this way until 1 pm ET on Tuesday:

Farther down the page was the noun definition, " described as follows:

"A member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their origins through the Hebrew people of Israel to Abraham."

The above definition now appears as the leading definition of the word:

What happened?

The change was made sometime Tuesday evening after a spread of outrage on social media.

"When one enters ‘jew’ into the Google search engine, a grotesque antisemitic trope comes up. This is in unacceptable @Google," tweeted @StopAntisemitism.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center tells Fox News Digital this "does not appear to be an error but a manipulation to present anti-Semitic definition as main use of word." 

"Google owes explanation of who did this and why," it added.


FNC reached out to Google for a statement on the matter. Google has not provided an explanation thus far.

When it does, it's likely to reference its support page which suggests a third party changed the definition.

"Dictionary boxes show definitions from third-party expert sources and might include related images, pronunciations, translations, and other information," claims the Google support website.

"Google "doesn’t create, write, or modify definitions," the page reads. "Dictionary results don’t reflect the opinions of Google."

We'd hope not.

The support page also addresses "offensive terms," saying it "only display an offensive definition by default when it’s the main meaning of the term."

The word "Jew" would not fall under said criteria.

*OutKick will update this story if and when Google addresses the matter.

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