Gisele's Spiritual Healer, Dr. Ewa, Appears To Use Yellow Soup To Destroy Evil Tom Brady Spirits

Apparently, yellow soup must be good for the soul when you're divorcing the greatest quarterback in the history of football.

The latest news out of the Tom & Gisele divorce is that Gisele continues to meet with her spiritual advisor, a woman named Dr. Ewa Wieruszewska Lierle, who comes off as an older version of Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend Blu of Earth.

Friday, spies were in Boca Raton, Florida as Gisele met with Dr. Ewa, who was spotted carrying a container of yellow soup into work where she's tasked with eliminating the bad juju dumped on Gisele by a husband who refuses to divorce the National Football League.

It's unclear how Dr. Ewa will destroy the spirits, but many observers believe it has to do with some yellow soup concoction that might need to be consumed.

Dr. Ewa with her yellow soup!

On Dr. Ewa's website, she states that Ayurvedic medicine is her speciality and notes how it's the practice of using herbal medicine and "body treatments aimed at cleansing the body of toxins as physical and mental regeneration of the body, thus ensuring a return to full health."

Now, here's the part where the yellow soup concoction might come into play for Gisele as she attempts to rid her body of Tom Brady.

"Inherent in the processes of health is the use of properly formulated diet, taking into account body type (Prakriti) as well as currently occurring disorders (Vikriti). The whole process of health also includes appropriately selected physical exercise, practice yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises), as well as work on more subtle levels - mind and emotions."

Put it this way, if Gisele needs a treatment, Dr. Ewa will find a way to make it happen. Her website is like walking into a whore house and reading an extensive menu of options.

This is a benchmark moment in Dr. Ewa's career.

It's not like she's some spring chicken.

She went from receiving six likes on Instagram posts in 2019 to the highest profile sports and entertainment divorces of the 21st century.

No pressure Dr. Ewa. You might want to make an extra batch of that yellow stuff. Tommy appears to be way more toxic than we originally thought. The guy wouldn't give up football for his supermodel wife. Those are some evil spirits, ma'am.

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