German Soccer WAGs Called Out For Not Partying Enough During The World Cup

Germany's World Cup in Qatar ended in group play after they lost to Japan, tied Spain, and too little, too late defeated Costa Rica. Fans were not pleased with the performance.

Neither is one of the country's top newspapers, Bild. They were throwing blame around after Germany failed to advance to the knockout round, even placing some of it on the team's WAGs.

How could the women associated with the players be to blame for a poor World Cup showing? They're not on the field. Well as Bild explains, the ladies didn't hold up their end because they didn't do enough partying in Qatar.

The expectations for the German WAGs was apparently to get as drunk as possible and dance their asses off throughout the tournament. That didn't happen, therefore they deserve some of the blame. According to Bild anyway.

The blame the WAGs portion of the article starts off with this, "After the embarrassing DFB knockout, one last explosive World Cup question remains to be clarified: What is actually wrong with our WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends)? "

They go on to compare their World Cup team's significant others to that of England and Wales. The ladies of England, if you recall, had a party yacht for a little while before moving to dry land.

"While the celebration women from England and Wales have now drunk half of Qatar empty, there are only Brummel pictures from the stands of Lady Goretzka and Co.," the criticism continued. "Not thirsty? Dancing leg allergy? Don't feel like lunging?"

Due To Travel Issues The German WAGs Were Only There For Two Nights

Seems a tad over the top, but the insults are far from over. The hit piece on the German WAGs went on to say, "Be happy that you too are now flying home with your football dwarves!"

"Otherwise we would have sent you summer house specialist Mario Basler to the desert hotel to escalate the party. It can't go on like this…"

Man, those are some tough expectations to live up to. The good news is the early exit gives them some more time to regroup. This World Cup was a tough one for the WAGs, but they'll be back and better prepared for the next one.

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