Gerard Butler's New Action Movie 'Kandahar' Looks Like It Will Be Packed With Violence

Gerard Butler brought the heat for his new movie "Kandahar."

The upcoming action film with the Hollywood star focuses on a CIA spy on the run after sabotaging Iran's nuclear program.

His goal is simple: Get to Kandahar so he can be extracted before he's tracked down and killed. Sounds interesting, right?

Well, just wait until you see the trailer. It's absolutely lit.

Gerard Butler appears to have another banger on his hands.

For those of you who don't know, Butler is THAT dude when it comes to making incredibly fun movies. He's not some Hollywood elitist who stars in movies nobody sees that win a bunch of unimportant awards.

That's not his style. He's one of the biggest faces in the popcorn flick section of Hollywood, and people absolutely love his movies.

Whether it "Law Abiding Citizen," the Mike Banning films, "Hunter Killer," or something else, the man doesn't miss when it comes to high-adrenaline movies.

Now, Gerard Butler is bringing people a film about a CIA spy on the run after taking out Iran's nuclear program. What's not to love? Just reading the plot should get fans excited. The trailer really just takes things to the next level.

Something tells me bodies are going to be getting stacked. Plus, as I recently wrote for the trailer for "The Night Agent," I'm a sucker for spy content. This is the kind of film that a teenage boy could have cooked up in his mind, and that's a very high compliment in my mind.

You can catch "Kandahar" with Gerard Butler starting May 26. There's a 100% chance I will see it. No dude who loves a film with tons of action and chaos should ever pass up a Butler film. That's just a fact.

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