French Bulldog With NFL Ties Wins Best In Show

Winston the French bulldog has done it again. The pint-sized pooch with a loveable face and built like a lead fullback took home top dog honors at the 21st Annual National Dog Show in Philadelphia, giving him 78th Best in Show titles.

Take that Tom Brady.

The pup, who is partly owned by Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Morgan Fox, is now considered the No. 1 ranked canine in the United States, which is huge news when you consider the fact that the French bulldog is the second-most popular dog breed in the U.S.

Needless to say, Winston the Frenchie is an absolute stud.

When Winston isn't out on the road adding Best of Show titles to his resume, he's at home with 6-year NFL vet Fox and his fiancée Kailyn Ann Provin where the dog does dog things. Winston naps, chases water splashes from the pool and goes for car rides.

“He is a show dog with personality and beauty and a perfect fit for the breed,” dog show judge Vicki Seiler-Cushman, said after Winston's latest victory. “He has a razzle dazzle that says, ‘I am here to win tonight.’ You can tell that he can also go home and be the perfect pet.”

I mean, look at this champ in his element at home. He's the Tom Brady of the dog world. He's eating the best. He is well taken care of by his handlers. There are massages. The car rides are on the finest leather seats that NFL money can buy.

What a life, champ.

Fox isn't the only athlete who has dabbled in the French bulldog world. Kendrick Perkins runs a kennel that has been offered "several million dollars" for the stud of the kennel, but so far he's refused to sell his top dog.

Now think about what Winston is worth to a blazing hot French bulldog breeding market.

We're talking about the current Tom Brady of the dog world.

Look at this face. That's a champ right there.

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