Former Teacher Turned OnlyFans Model Wants To 'Mass-Produce Pretty Babies With Strangers'

Former teacher turned OnlyFans model and self-proclaimed home-wrecker, Amy Kupps, is back. And she's back making some very unique headlines.

The last time we heard from her, Amy revealed that she was pregnant after a one-night stand with a former student. She said at the time that she was planning to film the birth so that it can be used for "educational purposes."

Amy is now eight months pregnant so we have just a few weeks left to see if she follows through with those plans or not.

Because Amy is one step ahead of everyone else, and loves making headlines, she's already planning out her future pregnancies. Those plans include having as many as 25 kids with strangers.

She doesn't think she'll have any problems recruiting men to assist her. According to Amy, she already receives a lot of offers to have men's children.

The Future Is Bright

The reason she wants to have so many children with strangers is to make the world a better place with her good looks and genes.

"I think the world would be a better place if people were better-looking and had my genes," she said. "I will definitely pass down my amazing eyes, hair, strong facial features, high metabolism and intelligence."

So what if the father of the child isn't the best to look at? Amy's not worried, she's confident in her genes and in the fact that the child will still be beautiful.

That's actually what she said, "It doesn't matter if the man is ugly, the baby will be beautiful if I'm its mother."

Amy added, "When the children get older, they can have beautiful kids as well and the cycle will continue."

I love the confidence and can't wait to see what the future holds. Kanye's going to be president and the world is going to be littered with OnlyFans models and their pretty babies with strangers.

Add it to the list of reasons to stick around for another few years. It's going to be a lot of fun.

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