Ex-Teacher, Who Got Pregnant By Former Student, Wants To Film Birth So It Can Be Taught In Schools

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Former teacher turned OnlyFans model Amy Kupps says she got pregnant after a night of partying at a nightclub. It was only the next morning that she realized she had hooked up with one of her former students, now 22.

The 33-year-old isn’t new to making headlines. Kupps, a former history teacher in North Carolina, lost her job when the school she worked at discovered that she was on the subscription-based platform. A few months after that, she admitted to being a mistress and a home-wrecker.

Amy Kupps is back in the headlines for not only being impregnated by a former student, but her plans to film herself giving birth. According to a recent Instagram post she hopes the film will be used for educational purposes.

She admits it might be viewed by some from a fetish standpoint, but it sounds like she wants it to replace the old birthing videos from the 70s currently being shown in schools.

Some people were born to teach, and Amy Kupps appears to be one of them

“This may come across as a controversial post and rightfully so! Being a former teacher I miss some aspects of the job such as giving knowledge…Besides my former curriculum I’ve also studied health & science,” she said.

“I’m announcing to everyone that I will be filming the birth for educational purposes on my website. Some may look at it from a fetish standpoint but I’m looking at it from an educational standpoint the last time I seen a birthing video was from the 70’s in Junior High School. I’m sure that video still circulates in schools.”

Amy Kupps is due to give birth in late October or early November. She’s never revealed the identity of the former student and plans to raise the child by herself.

“I’ve told him he doesn’t have to worry because I’m financially stable and I don’t want a relationship with him,” she said. “I’m going to care for this baby on my own and we’ve both been content to go our separate ways.”

You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the desire to educate out of the teacher.

Written by Sean Joseph


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