Former Teacher Fired For Her OnlyFans Is Making Money Handing Out D*ck Pic 'Report Cards'

Former Indiana teacher Sarah Juree, aka Sarah Seales, was fired a few months ago from her teaching job when a local reporter outed her OnlyFans secret to her employer.

Sarah said at the time, "Please join my OnlyFans! I just got fired from my teaching job! I need all the support I can get! Tips and loving support appreciated!!"

The attention surrounding her story helped her subscribers jump from around 100 to more than 4,000. It also helped her take her OnlyFans in a new direction.

During a recent appearance on the Cocktails with Dimples and The Beard podcast, Sarah says she went from hoping to make a little extra spending money to hopes of becoming a millionaire.

She might get there thanks to a growing fan base of subscribers with teacher fantasies.

"I thought when I started OnlyFans I was going to be in the MILF niche but then when the teacher stuff happened I was like 'oh my God, this teacher fantasy is a real thing,'" Sarah said.

Class Is In Session

An idea from one of her subscribers with a teacher fantasy was a light bulb moment for her. She's now rating men's junk in the form of a report card.

"They're like hot for teachers. So I had this fan who messaged me and he was like 'hey, I have like this insane teacher fantasy and I would like a d*ck rating but could you please do it in a report card?'"

Being a former teacher and single in the age of technology makes her more than qualified to create these report cards.

"As a single woman I have seen my share of d*ck pics, I've been on dating sites for a long time so for me it's like this is a way to be more empowered with it, have fun with it, be playful with it."

If anyone's looking to relive report card anxiety, Sarah has you covered. I would suggest studying before submitting your work.