Former Navy Pilot Shares Wild UFO Story With Joe Rogan

Former United States Navy pilot Ryan Graves had a very strange interaction with some UFOs.

As we all know at OutKick, UFO stories have taken the country by storm, and it seems like every single day we get more strange and unexplained content related to UAPs.

During an interview on "The Joe Rogan Experience," Graves explained seeing objects in the sky while flying a fighter jet that just couldn't be explained. While the objects didn't do anything too insane, Graves said whatever was in the sky seemed to defy basic logic about flying.

"These objects had a bit more - I don't want to say random - but a less controlled flight path. That velocity vector would kind of jump around a bit more. They would not proceed in a perfectly straight line like you might imagine a flight navigation computer would take you. It takes you from A to B in the straightest line possible," Graves explained to Rogan as the podcast host hung on every word.

Graves also added the unknown objects would also be "perfectly stationary" while up in the air, despite winds sometimes being as high as 140 miles per hour at high altitudes. When the objects would move, they would get up to the same speeds of a fighter jet.

What are UFOs up in the skies around the world?

These UFO stories are also fascinating to me and millions of other people. Remember, UFOs aren't like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.

Those are myths that are comically dumb. When someone shoots a Bigfoot, we can start taking it seriously.

With UFOs, there are countless videos of bizarre stuff in the sky, and a lot of it has come from the military. Does that mean there are aliens zipping around in the skies? Of course not, but it does mean something is going on that we don't understand.

The most fascinating thing is UFOs and UAPs seemingly fly in ways that don't make sense at all. The infamous "Tic Tac" object was able to race past American fighter jets without any issue, and the objects Grave saw could remain stationary high in the sky and then apparently fly as fast as a fighter jet. What's a good explanation for that?

I can't really think of one other than it's highly-classified technology America has developed and is testing. That seems like the most logical explanation.

Hopefully, we'll get some answers at some point. Until then, give us your predictions on what UFOs are in the comments below.

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