Former Jockey Libby Hopwood's 'Bets & Boobs' Subscription Pays For Itself

Former jockey Libby Hopwood's decision to combine "bets and boobs" on OnlyFans has been a successful one for her.

She announced back in August that she joined the subscription-based platform to combine her fans' two favorite things.

She said at the time, "It's been drilled into me over the years that for people to listen to your tips you must be serious, you must be above reproach, you must be in a blazer, and in that style, I am bringing you bets and boobs."

"I'll be combining your two favorite things when I get the time to go through the form and have a look at it."

Hopwood isn't the only one making money from her OnlyFans content. Her subscribers are too. Well the ones who aren't just there for the boobs. If you've been following along with her bets then you aren't paying a dime out of pocket on her subscription.

In fact, according to Hopwood, you won't have to pay to subscribe to her OnlyFans account for several years. She detailed the return on the investment for her subscribers during her Monday roundup video.

She captioned the video, "On Monday's, I do a roundup to make sure I remain accountable!! ROI is 21% at the moment which is 4.3 YEARS of subscription… pretty good value."

To make things even better for some of her subscribers, she has closed captioned for her hearing-impaired fans. She continued, "Also have closed captioning for some awesome deaf fans."

Libby Hopwood Has Come Up With A Winning Formula

Talk about getting your money's worth. I don't see many other OnlyFans pages - or sports influencers for that matter - making you money when you subscribe or follow their picks.

Subscribing to Libby's exclusive content is just like picking up a Playboy back in the day. There's something for everyone, even those who claim to pick up the magazine for the articles.

Sure, you're subscribing only for the bets. Right. Wink.