Former Bellator Star Valerie Loureda Wants to Wrestle Ronda Rousey

In a bit of shocking news given her bright future in MMA, starfighter Valerie Loureda announced that she was leaving Bellator to join the WWE. It was apparently a dream of hers to become a pro wrestler.

Another one of Loureda's dreams is to wrestle fellow former MMA star Ronda Rousey. She was asked by TMZ Sports who her dream match would be against. Without hesitation, she responded, "Definitely Ronda."

Loureda added that she's already tweeted at Rousey, "She tweeted the other day 'Who's next?' and before I even found out I was getting a contract with WWE, I tweeted back, 'me,' And that's the goal I have one day."

She also revealed that it was Rousey who inspired her to get into MMA. The first time she watched the sport Rousey was fighting, "I said, 'Nana, if she's doing that, I can do it too,' and that's really what gave me all that fire and passion inside of me to begin my martial arts journey."

Loureda intends to take over the WWE

Loureda hasn't even had her first WWE match yet. She knows that she's not stepping into the ring and immediately get a shot at one of the biggest stars.

She's going to have to put in the work and earn a shot at one of the best the organization has to offer. That said, her intentions are very clear.

Loureda intends to take over the WWE. She shared a video of herself rocking a thong with the caption, "Loureda is here to takeover ."

Will Loureda succeed in fully taking over the WWE? I wouldn't be surprised if she does. As you can see she has a lot working in her favor when it comes to making herself a huge WWE superstar.

She's already proven during her time with Bellator that she can kick ass, take names, turn heads, and entertain the masses. That should help her in the WWE, whenever she makes her debut.

If I know WWE fans like I think I do, she's already got a head start on superstardom. I'm expecting big things from her as she transitions into wrestling.