Fighter Jet Pilot's First Missile Missed UFO Over Lake Huron, It's Not Known Where It Landed

The Air Force pilot that took down a UFO Sunday over Lake Huron reportedly didn't hit it on the first shot.

An unknown object was smoked Sunday over Lake Huron and it marked the fourth shoot down in less than two weeks. It's important to note that when we use UFO in this context, we don't mean spaceships. UFO is the proper term because it is an unknown flying object.

Now, more details about the F-16 taking the object down are out, and it's not great.

F-16 pilot needed multiple shots to take down mysterious UFO.

Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson reported Monday night that the F-16 pilot initially fired one Sidewinder AIM-9X missile at the object, but somehow missed. To make matters worse, it's not known where the hell the incredibly dangerous missile ended up landing.

Eventually, he unleashed a second missile and brought the object down. Each Sidewinder AIM-9X costs more than $400,000.

That means the shoot down over Lake Huron cost the taxpayers the price of a very nice house in most of America.

What is going on up in the skies over North America?

There are so many questions people have about all these shoot downs, and unfortunately, we have very few answers.

How did an F-16 miss a UFO with one of the most advanced weapon systems in the world? A Sidewinder can bring down planes flying at unbelievable speeds.

The missile can hit past mach two and has a range of more than 20 miles. The public is being told these objects don't really pose a threat of any kind. Yet, our best tech, apparently, struggled to hit it. The fact nobody knows where the incredibly dangerous missile landed makes it all worse.

It's also worth noting the F-22 that shot down an object over Alaska had its censors messed with during the contact, according to Insider. So, not is somebody (most likely China) invading our air space, but the tech they're using apparently has counter measures. It's a mind-boggling situation.

What is up there? Right now, nobody knows past the initial spy balloon, or if they do know, they're not interested in sharing. When our F-16s can't bring down this stuff on the first shot, it's definitely concerning. People need and deserve answers. Are these UFOs Chinese gear or something else? Give us your predictions in the comments below.

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