Fed Up Philadelphia Gas Station Owner Hires Armed Guards Because Crime Is Out Of Hand

One Philadelphia business owner has had enough of the city's rampant crime and is taking matters into his own hands.

Neil Patel is the owner of Karco gas station in North Philadelphia. His business has frequently been vandalized. Among the vandalizing that's taken place at Karco is the store's ATM machine being stolen and Patel's car being broken into.

Frustrated, Patel said the heck with this and now has armed security for the store.

Heavily armed Pennsylvania S.I.T.E agents with Kevlar vests now watch over his gas station to deter against any would-be criminals.

"They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level," Patel told FOX 29. "We are tired of this nonsense with robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs." 

An Unfortunate Trend

As we've documented in the OutKick Crime Files, our major cities have fallen apart. It seems like every week another video goes viral showing people blatantly breaking the law.

Just a few months ago in Philadelphia people were throwing bottles and bricks at police officers.

And then last week you had the city council vote to impose a mandatory 10pm curfew for anyone under the age of 18.


It's pretty sad that it has come to this. Rather than do what our elected officials were voted to do, they'd rather pander and play politics with their citizen's lives. It's absolutely absurd and frustrating that now a business owner has to use his own money to hire security because crime is so rampant. The city should be making the streets safe enough for businesses to not have to worry about constant crime.

Patel says that his gas station hasn't had any crime since he's hired the heavily weaponized security.

It's amazing how that worked out. Wouldn't it be something if the Philadelphia politicians allowed their police to, you know, police and act as a deterrent to crime?

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