Fascinating Survey Reveals The Two Things Every Tailgate Needs

The keys to a great tailgate are shockingly simple.

Everyone knows tailgating and football go hand-in-hand. Tailgating is a huge part of football culture. It's what brings fans together ahead of the game starting.

But what makes a great pregame party? Well, fans now have some answers.

OnePoll conducted a survey of 5,000 people on behalf of Hormel Foods, and people mostly want two things at a tailgate in order for it to be awesome.

On the food front, nothing is more popular than a hamburger with 65.9% of respondents claiming it's the top item. Hot dogs were second, but as all meat experts know, never choose a hot dog over a juicy burger.

People also want plenty of drinks at a tailgate.

In terms of a non-food item many people felt was a must was a variety of drinks. Let me translate that for all of you. It means mixing in a few waters in the cooler in between all the beers and booze for cocktails.

The second most important essential item for fans is clothing in team color. That doesn't even seem like something that needs to be said. Who the hell shows up to a bash before a game not rocking team colors? That's a rookie move.

Listening to music was also a popular selection among fans, and fortunately for all of you, I gave you all the best tailgate playlist imaginable.

If you missed it through the first five weeks of the season, jump in ASAP.

Above all else, it's impossible to have a bad tailgate experience if you have great food, ice cold drinks and good company. You can fight about the particulars, but with that template, you're almost always going to win.

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